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The Namery® loves nothing better than creating a brand’s tone of voice. Often we’re so au fait with your brand by the time we’ve created the name, that creating your brand’s unique language comes naturally. Founder, Sarah Walter, is an accomplished copywriter who has helped create the language behind many iconic New Zealand brands.

Strategic planning

We offer strategic guidance as part of your naming package. However, if additional strategic insight, competitive analysis or market research is needed, we can tap into our resource of experienced strategic consultants to clarify your brand’s difference and provide a clear, simple single-minded proposition … from which we can create a clear, simple name.

Naming research

We work closely with a highly experienced, independent research consultant, who can conduct qualitative and/or quantitative research on brand or product names, taglines, logo design, packaging design or advertising.

Trademark checks

TThe Namery® is primarily a creative service. We’re not IP specialists however, if needed, we can offer a comprehensive trademark check and registration service through leading intellectual property firm, James & Wells Intellectual Property. We always recommend a full legal check on your chosen brand name before you commit to a name, particularly if you intend to use it in other markets.

Website domains

When finding the perfect brand name, website availability is the first thing we check! While it’s true that many of the great dotcom’s are taken; with a little creativity, we can find new words and combinations that work equally well.

Brand identity

We’ve been fortunate to work with many talented logo and packaging designers over the years. If needed, we’ll bring in the right designer to create an amazing identity for your new brand, be it a logo, a business card or your entire visual identity.


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