Naming & copywriting specialists, Auckland, New Zealand
Start-ups & small businesses
We start with an initial meeting to gain a thorough understanding of your company, goals, plans and people, and crucially, what you want your brand to stand for. Then we respond with a short-list of viable name recommendations that meet the brief.  All recommended names are pre-screened with the New Zealand Companies Office and/or Trademarks Register, although a full legal trademark check is always advisable.

Mergers, marketers & multi-nationals
The Namery® can offer a full strategic naming service for more complex naming projects, including: mergers of two or more existing brands; new products or services in cluttered categories; or brand names that require trademarking in many different markets and/or a dotcom domain.

These projects tend to require deeper delving, more research and more time to find fresh and unique names and available domains. As above, we provide a short-list of distinctive, viable and pre-screened options.

Not-for-profit organisations
Because we’re big believers in helping those that help others, we offer an affordable name creation package for charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Advertising & design agencies
Contact us to see how we can take that tricky naming project off your hands. We can work on an hourly or daily rate to suit agency budgets (and because we’re well versed at naming, it’s likely to be far more cost-effective than letting the creative team brainstorm at the pub).
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